“Building a house is a scary proposition. We want you to have the house of your dreams, but we don't want you to have agonized over it every step of the way. By involving our clients throughout the process, not only do our future homeowners gain peace of mind as to the construction of the house, they get to enjoy watching their dream take shape.”
—Randy Guyton

Randy Guyton

Vice President, Construction Manager

Randy Guyton has been building and designing houses for the last five years. Prior to this, he earned a liberal arts degree from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Emory University.

His business career has included positions as editor of LINKS magazine, president of the Calliope Group (a public relations firm) and vice president of public relations for Fletcher Martin Ewing.

Randy brings a unique blend of creative and financial know-how to Guyton Design Homes. Through his extensive experience in the public relations arena, Randy honed his ability to dissect his clients’ goals and match them with solutions to achieve those goals. “Clients are normally too deep in their companies to see the bigger picture; so there was tremendous satisfaction in helping clients understand their business from a consumer’s perspective and then design and implement programs to reach those consumers in a meaningful way.”

Randy sees a distinct similarity in his former work and current role in building houses, as it is “all about the client’s perceptions and values for what they want in a real home and being able to deliver it.”

At Guyton Design Homes, Randy works with the design, meets with customers before and during the process, and supervises the construction process.